Our Mission


The Health and Heritage Region is the front porch of the eastern parts of the State, welcoming the rural areas to the bustling atmosphere of the state capital and inviting the metropolitan area to enjoy the heritage and charm of our agricultural roots. Our region is focused on promoting and cultivating the health, heritage, and heart of our area.

Hancock County ranks 7th in the state for overall health but 76th for physical environment. Trails and recreation opportunities ensure that residents have the option to make healthy and active lifestyle choices.

We are seeking to: 

Increase trail miles

Install activity stations along trails

Pilot health programs that help people reclaim a stable life free from substance abuse

Facilitate connectivity through safe routes for pedestrians and bicyclists

Create recreation amenities that are accessible to people of all ages and abilities

Our region has the highest concentration of historic structures and places on the National Register.

Through our Regional Development Plan we seek to improve our historic districts by: 

Providing funding to preserve and rehabilitate historic properties

Focusing on our downtowns and increasing capacity by adding leasable square footage and upper floor housing opportunities

Redeveloping and revitalizing what already exists, adding density on underused parcels

Leveraging history for art and projects such as the Riley Literary Trail

Collaboration between non-profit organizations and municipalities is reshaping the future of Hancock County. The System of Care established in our region, Hancock County Community Foundation, and collaboration between the libraries in our region has set a blueprint for success. We will build this into our Main Street and other organizations as part of building the heart of the region.

Our proposal will also facilitate this by: 

Creating and strengthening partnerships between organizations in our region

Celebrating shared passions and objectives

Encouraging teamwork and pooling of resources or opportunities

Sharing information, experiences, best practices, and cultivating a learning environment throughout the region